The PCS Risk Transfer Label

Together with the True Sale PCS Label, the Risk Transfer PCS Label is one of the two labels awarded by PCS.

This label may be awarded to European risk transfer instruments under which the credit risk of certain financial assets (or part of that credit risk) is tranfered by a bank or other lender to investors.  In exchange for providing credit protection for these financial assets, the investors will receive interest.  In a risk transfer transaction, the assets for which credit protection are purchased are not, as in the case of a true sale securitisation, sold to a special purpose vehicle.

The Risk Transfer PCS Label may only be awarded to those risk transfer instruments that meet in full the relevant PCS criteria.

For more information on the PCS Labels, please consult The Labels section.

For more information on the Risk Transfer Label, please consult our Outline page and our Eligibility Criteria Summary section.

For information on transactions that have received a Risk Transfer PCS Label, please consult our Risk Transfer Transactions section.

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