An invitation for feedback from the FSB (, not that one)


Europe’s Financial Stability Board published, on August 30th, an invitation for feedback on the effects of G20 financial regulatory reforms on securitisation .  This is a precursor to a report the FSB intends to write on the topic by mid-2024 and on the draft of which they have committed to consult.

With a tight deadline for submission of 22nd September, it is not clear what European securitisation stakeholders will be able to provide.  The three week deadline leaves no time for the gathering of meaningful data beyond what is already on stakeholders’ shelves or the articulation of complex argumentation additional to what has already been communicated to policymakers.

The FSB has not provided any specific questions and has stated that this is not in preparation for any technical policy or regulatory proposals.  So it is a very open canvas on which respondents will need to decide what they want to paint. Some may wonder whether there is much, if any, point in responding.

This invitation should not be ignored though, in PCS’ opinion.  Next year will see a new European Parliament and a new European Commission.  These will require a sense of priorities and a direction of travel across the policy spectrum.  Reports such as the one the FSB intends to publish are part of the creation of the agenda for the 2024-2029 term. Even if it does not put forward specific policy recommendations, it will contribute to setting the "mood music" on securitisation in the European Union for the coming years.

An invitation for feedback from the FSB (, not that one)
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