Baroness Sharon Bowles and Waleed El-Amir join the board of PCS


PCS is delighted to announce that Baroness Sharon Bowles and Waleed El-Amir have joined the board of the PCS Association.

At the General Meeting of the PCS Association, the current board was unanimously re-elected.  In addition, Waleed El-Amir, Head Group Strategic Funding and Portfolio at Unicredit was elected to replace Mirco Bianchi who has taken on extensive new responsibilities within  the Unicredit Group.

Also Sharon Bowles, a member of the British House of Lords and former Member of the European Parliament and former Chair of its Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee has joined the PCS Board.  She will be replacing Jose Manuel Campa who took on responsibilities with the Santander Banking Group.

PCS welcomes their participation and future contributions to the association's mission of helping to revive the European securitisation market on a sound and safe basis to fund growth and the real economy.

PCS also wishes to thank the existing and re-elected Board Members for their exceptional dedication and to thank Mirco Bianchi and Jose Manuel Campa for their outstanding contribution to shaping the first years of the PCS initiative.

A short biography of both Sharon Bowles and Waleed El-Amir may be found here.

Baroness Sharon Bowles and Waleed El-Amir join the board of PCS
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