ESMA's Christmas Present: a Consultation on the Disclosure Templates

With the markets pretty much gone for the festive break, ESMA gave the markets an unexpected Christmas gift: it published today the much-awaited public consultation on the overhaul of Securitisation Regulation's disclosure templates. To be commended, ESMA's consultation showed no lack of ambition, in that it opens potentially wide vistas of change rather than limiting itself to tweaks. ESMA seeks feedback on four possible ways forward, ranked from minimal to most extensive: The deadline for response is the 15 March 2024.
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ESMA publishes an updated securitisation Q&A

It would appear policy makers and regulators are clearing their decks before departing for their summer holidays and the welcoming beach. After the publication on Monday of the retention RTS by the Commission and the publication of the near final draft of the UK securitisation statutory instrument by HMT on Wednesday, it is now the turn of ESMA. The European securities regulator has just published an updated set of securitisation Q&As. Unsurprisingly, in view of their remit, these deal primarily with disclosure and templates. Helpfully, ESMA has highlighted additions and amendments. Market participants can now add this to their beach […]
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