COVID 19 Communication from PCS


This communication sets out the measures that PCS has taken in the face of the current emergency.

We are mindful of our duty to our staff, to protect them and their loved ones, and to the communities in which we live, to slow the progression of COVID 19. We are also dedicated, for all our stakeholders, to providing continued uninterrupted support to the European securitisation market .  Accordingly, PCS has taken a number of steps.

First, we have set up systems that will allow us to continue uninterrupted the provision of all our services to our clients.  All our staff are now working remotely with both the hardware and software necessary to perform their work and to communicate fully both amongst themselves and with clients via telephone or video conferences. All our staff are also connected to PCS’ central IT system. 

Secondly we will not be holding any physical meetings unless absolutely necessary, nor will we be travelling, again unless absolutely necessary.  Our offices both in London and Paris are effectively closed for the duration of this emergency.

All these systems are now up and running and we do not anticipate any hiatus or slow down in our capacity to assist the European markets. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

May you and your families be safe in these turbulent times.

Ian Bell
Chief Executive Officer


COVID 19 Communication from PCS
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