European Commission requests the advice of the EBA on "high quality securitisation"


The European Commission has stated that it had put a formal request for advice with the European Banking Authority for the authority's views on the possibility of defining a category of "high quality securitisations" to be used in banking regulations.  This could presage the possibility of the various banking regulations mandated by the CRD and the CRR following a similar approach to that outlined in the recent EIOPA report on the capital requirements for insurance companies.  In its recent proposals, EIOPA defined a high quality securitisation category with lower capital requirements.  This approach, which PCS has long advocated, opens the possibility of a more discriminating approach to securitisation regulation as was called for by the Commission in its recent communication on long-term finance.  By asking for the EBA's advice on this matter, the Commission is also focusing attention on the  possibility of a harmonised approach to this subject.  This would be a major positive step in preventing a fragmentation of a future securitisation market.

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