Stakeholders' letter to European policy makers: "Securitisation cannot play its vital role for the European economy without reform"


PCS has added its name to a securitisation market stakeholders' letter to European policy makers.

In addition to PCS, the letter is co-signed by AFME representing wholesale markets, the European Banking Federation representing the banking sector, Leaseurope representing the leasing sector, Eurofinas representing consumer lenders, IACPM representing credit portfolio managers as well as the DSA, Europlace and TSI respectively representing market participants based in The Netherlands, France and Germany.

The letter comes back to themes that those who follow PCS have often seen us write about. The importance of a safe but deep securitisation market for the health and growth of the European real economy, the increased urgency of fixing that market in the face of the green challenge and the need to complete the welcome reforms started with the passage of the Securitisation Regulation especially in respect of the CRR calibrations, the Solvency II calibrations and the disclosure regime.

Considering the breadth of representation encompassed by the signatories - in addition to PCS' own independent voice - we hope the letter will be taken to heart by policy makers.

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