Mario Draghi, in his presentation to the European Parliament, explicitly supports the return of the securitisation market through making a distinction between high quality securitisation and others


Mario Draghi, in his role as president of the European Systemic Risk Board, made a presentation to the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.  During the question and answer session, President Draghi responded to a question from Zalba Bidegain, a Spanish MEP from the EPP, on the ECB’s role in financing SMEs. He responded  that the EIB, the European Commission and ECB were working to “resurrect what it used to be called securitisation” – and said that “we think there are good securitisations and bad securitisations, i.e. good and bad products” – asking for the EP support for such work. His testimony can be found here (his response on securitisation appears at minute 16.05)