Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England sees the Bank engaged in efforts to rebuild securitisation

In a speech given in London at an event to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Financial Times, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England outlined what he saw as the tasks of the Bank in the coming years.  “Accordingly, I will concentrate today on three core elements of the Bank of England’s new Financial Stability strategy: creating resilient global banks, building robust markets and conducting central banking for global  markets. These initiatives support a fourth leg of our strategy: improving the supply of finance in the UK. You will hear more about supply-side initiatives, aimed for example at rebuilding securitisation and supporting SME lending, in coming months.”  These statements, when added to similar sentiments expressed by President Draghi at the European Central Bank, Commissioner Barnier at the European Commission and senior policy makers across Europe, indicate that the belief in the need for securitisation coupled with an understanding that robust high quality securitisation is achievable is now becoming the new consensus across Europe.  The full speech may be found here.