PCS amends Checklist, Rule Book, and Eligibility Criteria – 8th October 2013

Following the recent PCS Europe board meeting, a number of amendments have been made to the PCS Rulebook and in line, tracking amendments to the PCS Checklist and PCS Eligibility Criteria.
The changes reflect work undertaken by the PCS Market Committee during recent months to ascertain whether the existing criteria could be maintained in a more streamlined and efficient form. Based upon this work, a number of criteria have been merged or seen their language consolidated so as to encapsulate the existing criteria in a more simple format. We expect these changes to make the application process more straightforward for issuers and to provide investors with a simpler and more focussed understanding of the label.
The updated Rulebook (version 5) together with a compare version tracking the changes between the current version 5 and the previous version 4 can be found at pcsmarket.org/the-label/downloads.
The updated PCS Checklist and PCS Eligibility Criteria may also be found at www.pcsmarket/the-label/downloads and prior versions may be found here.