Employment with PCS

PCS is always interested in talented individuals with experience in the field of securitisation.

If you are interested in working for PCS either in London or Paris, please send us your CV to admin.uk@pcsmarket.org or admin.eu@pcsmarket.org.

In its employment practices, PCS abides by its Code of Conduct. 

In particular, PCS is an equal opportunities employer and we employ, compensate and promote individuals based solely on their competence, integrity and work-related qualities.  PCS will also, always and in every way, strive to provide a work environment that respects the inherent dignity of all staff and those who come into contact with the company.  PCS will not discriminate, nor allow workplace discrimination, based on race, colour, nationality, national origin, ethnic background, sex, sexual orientation, religion, religious belief or lack thereof, disability, gender, gender identity, marital status or pregnancy.