PCS improves the functionality of its verification reports


Having reached out to the investor community and asked what PCS could do to improve the quality of their STS due diligence, we were told that what was really missing from our STS Verification reports was the capacity to focus immediately on those issues individual investors felt were the most challenging on any given deal.  Attentive to our mission to assist all stakeholders in the market, we have now introduced our new STS Verification report format with new functionality.  With the new format, investors (and any other interested party) can consult the index of contents and click on those specific points which interest them upon which they will be taken to the correct part of the report without having to wade through pages and pages of text.

To see an example of the new functionality in action, you may look at one of our recent verifications such as that which may be found here.

We also take the opportunity to remind investors that each STS Verification report contains on the first page the name of the PCS analyst who has completed the verification together with their contact details.  Investors and other market participants should not be shy in contacting our analysts with any queries they may have concerning the STS verification whether they are looking at the transaction in the primary or the secondary market.

PCS improves the functionality of its verification reports
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