PCS Presents: Basel 3.1 in partnership with KPMG


In a new venture for PCS, we present our first YouTube interview with experts and market participants. Designed to delve deeper into a specific subject, this first interview is with Alec Innes, partner at KPMG who addresses the final implementation of the Basel framework. Alec delves into the multifaceted realm of Basel 3.1 capital requirements and its profound implications for banks. He dissects the operational changes that Basel 3.1 will drive and the financial resource challenges that accompany them. He examines the dichotomy of Basel 3.1 as both a regulatory aid but also a potential hindrance, navigating the fine line between compliance and efficiency maximisation. Additionally, he explores the outlook for SRT within the framework of Basel 3.1, shedding light on its likely evolving role and impact on the banking sector.

Watch Now: PCS Presents: Basel 3.1 in partnership with KPMG

Featured Guests: Ian Bell, CEO | PCS & Alec Innes, Partner | KPMG

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