PCS Guides, Publications and Consultation Responses

Date Publication Title Link
08/06/2022 STS Newsletter June 2022 Read more
14/12/2021 STS Newsletter December 2021 Read more
27/10/2021 STS Newsletter October 2021 Read more
02/09/2021 HMT call for evidence Read more
08/06/2021 STS Newsletter June 2021 Read more
18/02/2021 STS Newsletter February 2021 Read more
10/12/2020 STS Newsletter December 2020 Read more
09/10/2020 STS Newsletter October 2020 Read more
13/07/2020 STS Newsletter July 2020 Read more
20/07/2018 PCS' response to Guidelines on the STS criteria for ABCP and non-ABCP securitisation Read more
01/07/2018 The New STS Regime - Presentation Read more
01/06/2018 Third Party Certification Agents Read more
01/06/2018 The New STS Regime - An Introduction Read more
19/03/2018 PCS' Response to ESMA's consultation on information provision by firms seeking authoritisation to be third party certification agents Read more
15/03/2018 PCS' Response to EBA RTS on homogeneity of underlying exposures in securitisation Read more
21/02/2018 PCS Response to the consultation on the LCR Rules Read more
24/02/2017 PCS launches its new PCS Risk Transfer Label Read more
23/02/2017 Risk Transfer Eligibility Criteria Read more
23/02/2017 Risk Transfer Procedures Manual Read more
23/02/2017 PCS Risk Transfer Application form Read more
23/02/2017 Risk Transfer Terms and Conditions Read more
15/04/2016 PCS True Sale Interpretations User Guidebook Read more
01/04/2016 Joint note on the EU Commission’s proposals on simple, transparent and standardised securitisation (April 2016) Read more
13/05/2015 Certification in the Context of a Regulatory Framework for Securitisation (May 2015) Read more
20/04/2015 The Illusory Promise of Self-Attestation (April 2015) Read more
12/02/2015 PCS' response to BCBS/IOSCO consultation on simple, transparent and comparable securitisations (February 2015) Read more
14/01/2015 Response to the EBA consultation on simple, standardised and transparent securitisations (January 2015) Read more
01/10/2014 Securitisation: Basic Overview (October 2014) Read more
01/09/2014 PCS Investor Guide (September 2014) Read more
01/09/2014 PCS Issuer guide (September 2014) Read more
04/07/2014 PCS response to the ECB/Bank of England joint consultation (July 2014) Read more
09/06/2014 Empirical Study on High Quality Securitisation - William Perraudin, Risk Control Ltd (June 2014) Read more
07/04/2014 PCS responds to the European Commission request for comments on the Liquidity Cover Ratio (September 2014) Read more
05/07/2013 PCS response to the European Commission’s Green Paper on Long-Term Finance (July 2013) Read more
28/05/2013 PCS response to EIOPA’s consultative document on a possible re-assessment of the proposed capital requirements for the securitisation holdings of insurers (May 2013) Read more
19/03/2013 PCS response to the Basel Committee on its consultation on a new securitisation framework (March 2013) Read more
18/03/2013 PCS publishes White Paper on bank deleveraging and the need to bridge the European funding gap (March 2013) Read more
15/01/2013 PCS response to the Financial Stability Board’s Consultative Document on Shadow Banking (January 2013) Read more
17/12/2012 PCS User Guide Roadshow Presentation (December 2012) Download the guide here Read more