Sustainable Securitisation Today & Tomorrow


Like climate change, European rule making around sustainability and capital markets is moving with extraordinary speed.  So swiftly indeed that there are already a number of rules that impact securitisations today and are yet not always fully understood.  In addition to those rules, more are coming towards us fast.

As part of its Insight series, PCS has crafted a webinar that will seek to bring stakeholders up to date with the rules that are impacting or will soon impact European securitisations and those the drafting of which is already well in train.  The aim is to allow all market participants to prepare for the inevitable changes and participate in the shaping of those rules that are yet up for discussion as well as understand what is at stake for our industry.

Quick Background – ESG and capital markets

  • EU Green Plan
  • Taxonomy
  • Draft Green Bond Standard and the work of the TEG
  • Some unresolved controversies and the art of kicking cans

Today – existing ESG rules affecting securitisations

  • SFDR
  • NFRD
  • Sec Reg Disclosure Rules

Tomorrow – what is coming?

  • Article 449a CRR
  • EBA STS sustainability Report
  • EBA Green Asset Ratio
  • Green Bond Standard

Where are the battle lines forming?

  • Availability of assets
  • Asset vs Proceeds
  • Disclosure
  • Level playing fields
  • Where are my carrots, where are my sticks?

You can find the presentation here

Sustainable Securitisation Today & Tomorrow
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