Securitisation Quo Vadis?


As the year winds up, there will be many presentations looking into 2022 and seeking to map out the course of European securitisation in the coming months. They will focus on the many securitisation specific developments we can anticipate for next year.

In our “Quo Vadis?” webinar, PCS will seek to look both a little further and a little wider to reflect on the forces that may impact the European securitisation market not only in 2022 but beyond, from ESG to Basel 3, and how these may interact with each other.

The original answer to the question “quo vadis?” was, of course, grim and we hope that the European securitisation market can avoid the fate of the man who originally asked it. But the level of uncertainty is high and the spectrum of outcomes for securitisation in the coming years is wide. PCS does not claim to offer predictions or answers, but we hope to explore to those elements most likely to determine one outcome or another. PCS will also express its own views on what it feels will be the better options in the many decisions that are to be made in the months to come.

You can find the presentation here.


  • Introduction – why “Quo Vadis?”
  • Monetary Policy
  • Basel III and the “output floors”
  • How green will my securitisation be?
  • The Securitisation Regulation Review(s)
  • Calibration Issues
  • Bringing it all together

Securitisation Quo Vadis?
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