Securitisation Quo Vadis Revisited


At the end of 2021, PCS presented a webinar entitled “Quo Vadis” that tried to sketch out the issues that would shape 2022 for the securitisation market.

When we look at the topics we dealt with then, we find that in every case, much has happened since then.  But we also find that, although securitisation has travelled a long way down the road – and not always in a direction or at the speed anticipated – in no case have we reached the end of any particular road.  So, this January, we will reprise our Quo Vadis webinar to look back at how far issues did evolve in 2022 and whether this gives us a better sense of where we will collectively land in 2023 and beyond.

We will examine the future of monetary policy, whether any progress was made in respect of the final implementation of Basel III or in defining “green securitisation”.  We will try to lift the lid on the disappointing response to the Commission’s call for advice and discuss where policy makers might go from there and finally how all these threads blend together (or not) to weave a future for securitisation.

You can find the presentation here.


  • Introduction – why “Quo Vadis?”
  • Monetary Policy
  • Basel III and the “output floors”
  • How green will my securitisation be? The EU GBS nears finalisation
  • The Securitisation Regulation Review – Much ado about nothing?
  • Calibration Issues – So, what now?
  • Bringing it all together

Securitisation Quo Vadis Revisited
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