Synthetic STS Part 2


PCS has crafted an online workshop for all those who want to better understand the new STS regime for synthetic/on-balance-sheet securitisations. 

It is designed for all stakeholders, from those with only the most basic knowledge of securitisations but interested in understanding synthetics to practitioners who seek to measure the impact of the new STS regime on their documentation and transaction structures.

The aim of the workshop is to provide insight and understanding around the rationale and approach of the new regime rather than be a “laundry list” of provisions and rules copied from the legislation.

We will also go through the practical lessons learned through those synthetic verifications that we have already conducted.


Part 1 Synthetics – An overview , Ian Bell ,  Dr. Martina Spaeth

Part 2 STS Synthetic Regime – Deep Dive ,  Ian Bell, Dr. Martina Spaeth

Synthetic STS Part 2
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