Securitisation, Europe's categorical imperative


It is rare for Immanuel Kant's name to be associated with the technical subject of securitisation. Yet this is what happened when Christine Lagarde asked for a "Kantian shift" in respect of the CMU. Taking our cue from such eminent personage, PCS also called on the memory of the great Enlightenment philosopher in an article published in Eurofi's Regulatory Update magazine and entitled, "Securitisation, Europe's categorical imperative".In the article, we set out the reasons securitisation's benefits go well beyond assisting European banks with episodic capital tight spots. Securitisation, by helping at one and the same time both the banking channel of finance and the capital market's channel of finance, can transform for the better the European financial architecture and help Europe hold its own in an increasingly uncertain and unforgiving world.

Securitisation, Europe's categorical imperative
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