Securitisation Information

PCS has set up this section to provide information on securitisation generally. This part of the website is divided into three sections:

      • How securitisation works: This section contains various articles and papers explaining how securitisation works. Some of the items will be written by PCS whilst others will be contributed by other organisations. The aim of this section is to be a resource for anyone seeking to understand the securitisation market, the structure of securitisations and their role in the economy. The section is divided into a ‘Basic Information’ section for those totally new to securitisation and looking to get a first basic understanding and into an ‘Intermediate Information’ section for those seeking information on a more advanced aspects of this finance channel. This section is obviously a work in progress as PCS hopes to add more and more information over time. Please bear with us as we build it up.
        • PCS and Securitisation data: This section contains data about the PCS label (numbers, geographical and asset class breakdowns, etc…) and various market data such as issuance volumes.
          • Legal & Regulatory Information: This section contains information about various regulations affecting securitisations in Europe, as well as regulatory proposals, including regulatory consultations.
          • Credit Performance Statistics: This section contains performance data for European securitisation through the crisis starting in 2007 demonstrating the extraordinary resilience of traditional securitisations.