PCS Symposium - Dublin: Securitisation - An indispensable tool for growth and capital management

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 2022-11-22 9:00 am
 22-11-2022 7:00 pm
Dublin, Ireland
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Join our PCS Dublin 2022 Symposium in November 2022 in association with AL Goodbody and the KBRA.

Our one day (in person only) symposium will be devoted to the securitisation market generally as well as in Ireland specifically. The event will be a chance to hear from but also speak with experts in the field, discuss market trend and build relationships. The formal part of the day will be followed by a cocktail party for a more informal opportunity to exchange views and perspectives. 

Out discussions will cover the following topics:

  • A new look at the European securitisation market: its history and fundamental concepts that underpin it
  • Perspectives on the Irish market and main developments across asset classes
  • SRT - what is on the horizon and will is become the driver of all European securitisation?
  • The evolution of the STS market: new players, new products
  • High level panel discussions on the future of the market: the legislative and regulator developments, funding vs. capital, the impact of the new central bank monetary stances, inflationary pressures- where will all this drive securitisation in Europe and in Ireland?

For more updates on the AgendaSpeakers, and to Register, see below:

PCS Dublin Symposium 2022

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