PCS Symposium - Helsinki: Securitisation - An indispensable tool for growth and capital management

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 2022-09-22 9:00 am
 22-09-2022 7:00 pm
Helsinki, Finland
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PCS Helsinki 2022 Symposium hosted in association with Waselius & Wist and Clifford Chance.

This in person event was held at Waselius & Wist’s office on the 22nd of September 2022

Capital and risk management is becoming increasingly important in light of the upcoming changes to calculation of risk weight under Basel III. Securitisation, especially synthetic securitisation, is an indispensable tool that is experiencing a renaissance across Europe as it is one of few instruments, apart from direct capital raising, that can help financial institutions cope with the ever increasing regulatory capital requirements.
This event covered the fundamental principles of securitisation as well as discussed the most recent market and regulatory developments. We explored the benefits of securitisation, as a crucial mechanism for financial institutions in achieving capital relief as well as obtaining funding. The event is a chance to hear from but also speak with experts in the field, discuss market trend and build relationships.
The formal part of the day is followed by a cocktail party for a more informal opportunity to exchange views and perspectives.

For more details on the Agenda Speakers,  see our event page below:

PCS Helsinki Symposium 2022

All PCS events are complimentary. Pictures from the event can be found here:

Helsinki 2022 Memories


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