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Warsaw, Poland
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Learn about Significant Risk Transfer (SRT) in Central & Eastern Europe through SCI’s Emerging Europe SRT Seminar. Tailored for emerging SRT practitioners, this event provides insights into the unique challenges and opportunities in SRT strategies. Connect with industry leaders for practical insights on navigating this evolving landscape.

SRT transactions are increasingly common across Central and Eastern Europe, with local regulators showing acceptance of synthetic securitization. A growing ecosystem of legal, tax, and capital advisors is supporting this trend. While Poland leads in SRT activity, other CEE markets are also expected to grow. This growth is anticipated to be gradual, with new players entering the market and existing ones issuing repeat deals as investor interest in the region grows.

Panel highlight:

Is there such a thing as a CEE SRT market?

The CEE region offers unique dynamics with diverse jurisdictions and evolving securitisation landscapes. Dive into discussions on:

- Interplay between SRT and regional legal frameworks
- Regulatory support for synthetic securitisation
- Key challenges and opportunities in the CEE SRT market
- Identifying portfolios for homogeneous reference pools
- Exploring possibilities for multi-jurisdictional or multi-asset class trades

Harry Noutsos, PCS
Wasif KaziUniCredit
François-Xavier RoosBNP Paribas
Alexa Molnar-Mezei, Erste Group

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