PCS Code of Conduct

It is not only a requirement of law but also the necessary condition of our credibility as third party verification agent that every verification made by a PCS entity of the STS nature of a securitisation is done with rigour, integrity and free from any conflicts of interest that may taint the outcome.

To that effect, PCS is committed to maintaining its not for-profit business model so that shareholder demands never weigh on our approach to our work.

PCS is also committed to hiring staff with sufficient depth of expertise in securitisations to be able discern the subtleties of the transactions presented to them.

Finally, PCS is committed to holding the analytical staff in charge of STS Verifications to the highest standards of integrity.

This approach is set out, amongst other places, in the Code of Conduct by which all PCS staff are required to abide.

In addition, the Code of Conduct sets out the standards of conduct which PCS has committed to abide by when dealing with staff, stakeholders and all third parties.

The Code of Conduct may be found here.

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