Application Forms

All forms connected with an application for an STS Report (including a CRR Report and Grandfathering Report, if requested) must be sent to:  You can find all the forms necessary to apply for an STS Report below:

Application Form for a STS Report


The fees for the STS Report shall be payable in Euros or Pounds Sterling depending on the currency in which the securitisation is denominated.

The fees become payable as soon as the PCS Report is delivered to the applicant.  The applicant may not withdraw the request once the completed checklist has been delivered to PCS. For the full terms and conditions regarding fees and the STS Report (including any CRR Report or Grandfathering Report), please consult the STS Report Terms and Conditions.

The STS Report fee, if denominated in Euros is:  €14,000 + VAT (if applicable)*
The STS Report fee, if denominated in GBP is:    £10,000 + VAT (if applicable)*

There is no additional fee for a CRR Report or a Grandfathering Report.

In addition, if an application is also being made for that securitisation to obtain a PCS Label, no additional fee over and beyond the fee payable for the label will be required for the STS Report.  In other words, only the label fees are payable and the STS Report (including any CRR Report and Grandfathering Report) will be provided at no extra charge.

* PCS is a UK entity and typically there will be no VAT charged for cross-border European sourced payments.

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