New Synthetic/On-Balance-Sheet STS Securitisation Regime

On April 9th, 2021 the new on-balance-sheet STS regime came into force in the European Union.  This regime provides that certain synthetic/on-balance-sheet securitisations may achieve STS status.  Achieving STS status, in turn, will allow bank originators/protection buyers to benefit from improved capital requirements for a retained senior tranche – subject to additional requirements and applicable significant risk transfer rules.

To obtain STS status though, these securitisations will be required to meet almost all the true sale STS requirements and additional synthetic specific criteria.  For a synthetic securitisation to be STS it needs to meet between 145 and 160 individual tests (as compared to 103 for “true sale” STS).

Third Party Verification Agent

Fortunately, considering the increased number of eligibility criteria, the proposed legislation extends the role of third party verification agent to the new synthetic STS regime.  The law has done this on exactly the same basis as for “true sale” securitisations.

PCS Verifications

PCS has already extensive experience of analysing synthetic transactions both through its own Risk Transfer Label and Art.270 Assessments.

To mandate PCS for an STS verification, you can complete an Application Form that can be found here and consult our Terms and Conditions (here).

The fees for such verification will be €20,000 upfront plus €6,000 annually for the weighted average life of the transaction (plus applicable VAT).  For more detail on our fees, you may consult our Fees Schedule.

We also wish to point out that, as with “true sale” securitisations, additional criteria are necessary for a synthetic/on-balance-sheet STS transactions to get the benefit of the lower capital requirements for a retained senior tranche.  These criteria can be found in the amended CRR legislation.  PCS will therefore also provide, if requested, a CRR Assessment to provide originators/protection buyers with comfort that the lower capital requirements will be available.

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers has extended PCS’ third party verification agent’s authorisation to cover the verification of synthetic transactions.

Applications should be sent to


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