The event will be devoted to the securitisation market in Portugal as well as across Europe including a look at current trends and possible future developments. It will explore the benefits of securitisation, as a financing source but also as a crucial technology to manage proactively regulatory and economic capital. The event will be a chance to meet securitisation experts, regulators, originators, arrangers, investors and servicers, discuss market trends and build relationships. It is aimed at anyone currently involved in the securitisation market or thinking of becoming involved, whether intending to securitise existing portfolios, investing, using or providing warehousing or synthetically managing capital. Whether working for a bank, a loan provider, a leasing company, an originator of broadcasting rights, a public utility including energy generation and telecom company, or if you are or are thinking of participating in the structured finance market, this event will be of interest.

The event will be in-person only and will be held in English.